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Where global teaching talent meets UK schools...

We match the best available teaching talent from the UK, Ireland, Australia and Canada with the best primary and secondary school opportunities across the UK.

We provide an informed choice so that both schools, teachers and students can unlock their potential. Contact our Head Office on 0333 800 7800.

Listening is our biggest skill. To schools, to teachers. All with unique journeys and requirements. By matching the needs of schools with those of teachers, we're best placed to meet the UK talent gap.

In 2010 we developed 'iday', our innovative recruitment solution. With iday a selected schools interview suitable candidates in one place on one day. For overseas teachers, we cover all travel costs and accommodation. Find out more on 0333 800 7800.

Removing the ceiling from learning

We enable schools and teachers to continuously raise their standards to ensure students have the very best chance of future development.
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